We comprise a team of aviation professionals, with over 170 years of combined management experience with commercial aircraft. The core team has a track record of successful aircraft placement and related aviation activities, building up an extensive database of worldwide contacts for both sourcing and supply of aircraft. Plane Business has a global client base with expertise in the secondary aircraft operator sector, which currently shows strong demand, in line with the economic growth in developing markets. We have over the years developed strong customer relations, giving confidence to investors and clients in choosing the right aircraft, at the right terms, for the right job.

Our<br />Collective<br />Expertise

PBL and
Kayan Group

The Kayan Group acquired Plane Business Limited in June 2018, as a first step towards providing a full service as an end-to-end aircraft leasing and financing solution provider to the market. In addition, this move gives Kayan, industry-leading in-house asset-management capabilities. The deep technical and commercial skills of the Plane Business team complement Kayan’s origination, structuring and financing skills. On Plane Business side, the Kayan team are thought to be the right partners to guide through its next phase of evolution.